Most of what we do involves our experiences. When we meet a new child, we ask them what they would like to do when they get out of the hospital. It may be to…go to a concert, have their own swing set at home, or spend a weekend with their family camping. Whatever it may be, we do our best to make it happen all within the borders of Oklahoma!

Millie’s Fishing Trip


Millie had been through so much in her short three years of life. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, but Millie was still suffering from a growing tumor in her belly despite all her treatment. Luckily Millie was feeling well enough to come fishing with her family and even took a little boat nap. We had multiple fishing boats lined up to take this family of 12 out for the day. She was welcomed by a crowd of supporters ready to cheer her on. This was one of the last memories Millie’s family was able to have all together, as she passed away shortly after. Her family still talks about how this was such a memorable and special day for them all.

Faith’s Shopping Spree


Faith, who is 11, has fought an amazing battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, and her experience request, to go SHOPPING! After pulling out lots of $100 bills, we ran through just about every department, all while making TikTok’s along the way! Faith’s siblings were able to come along, and they were so incredibly helpful and sweet. They made it all about Faith, so we had to make sure they left with some goodies too. Somehow this girl made it under budget at Target, so after that, we headed next door to Hobby Lobby to conclude our trip.
It was truly a perfect day.

King and the Elephants


We recently teamed up with the Endangered Ark Foundation and Oklahoma Awesome Adventures to provide the best day ever to a little boy named King and his family. King is three years old and has been battling ALL (Leukemia), and their family was long overdue for a break from their cancer reality.

The family stayed overnight in the cabins on-site and were greeted in the morning by DelRita, a beautiful female elephant ready to have breakfast with them! After breakfast, we had a private tour to see more of the herd, including the newest member, two-month-old baby Cameron Lee. King was all about painting with the elephants and even got to give one a bath!

Hazel meets Ree


Hazel is just 7 years old and is currently battling Leukemia. This girl LOVES to cook and for her experience, she wanted to meet the famous Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond! Hazel and Ree cooked lunch together in her beautiful kitchen in Pawhuska that is shown on her show. After eating lunch together with Hazel’s family, Ree sent her on a shopping spree to the Mercantile!

Ruby’s 10th Birthday


Ruby was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and for her Mack Impact experience, all she wanted was to have a Unicorn themed 10th birthday party that she could invite her family to! We were able to arrange a limo to pick her and her family up, and they headed to have a painting party at Artsy Rose in OKC!

Corbin Meets the Street Outlaws


We heard about a little boy with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma who really wanted to meet the 405 boys from the show Street Outlaws. We were able to make his dream a reality at a racing event in Norman, OK. He was so excited to brave the heat with his VIP pass and watch his favorites race.

Katelyn’s Recording Studio


Katelyn is an incredible girl who was fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma. She was an aspiring musician who wrote her own songs, sang, and also played multiple instruments. Her favorite one to play was the ukulele. With help from Faith Kids, we were able to work together and set Katelyn up with her own recording studio session where she was able to lay down all of her songs digitally. You can find her song “Riptide” now on itunes.

*Since then, Katelyn has gained her angel wings, but her mom says many amazing things have come from this song, including the name of their new organization called Riptide in Katelyn’s memory..

Arya’s Swing set


Arya is a 4 year old little girl that has been diagnosed with two different types of Leukemia. Her family thought she would really love a swing set, so she gets to create experiences everyday with her siblings!

*Thanks to members of the Air Force Reserves for putting it together!