Our Board

Jayson Asher

Founder and President. Jayson is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to OKC after college. Jayson works in the Pharmaceutical industry and also works diligently in the Pediatric Cancer community to spread awareness in memory of his only daughter, Mackenzie, who passed away in 2017. He currently lives in Yukon with his wife, Niki, and their three boys. Jayson enjoys woodworking, coaching flag football, and is an avid Bourbon collector.


Niki Asher

Founder and Vice President. Niki is originally from Overland Park, Kansas, and moved here when she met her husband, Jayson, in 2010. They currently live in Yukon and are the parents of Dylan, Mackenzie, Jackson, and Connor. Niki works as a Sales Executive at her family’s company, Paramount Promotions. She also works full time running The Mack Impact and she tries to honor Mackenzie’s life and legacy daily with this organization.



Ashley Wells

Treasurer. Ashley is an Oklahoma City native and is a Business Administrator with the federal government. She currently lives in Yukon with her husband, Adam, and three kids, Adria, Asiah, and Abel.